Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Published Work

Published Work

I have not done a great deal on my blog recently as I have been busy writing and have had some success in getting my work published. In each of the articles listed here I have made and painted the models, written the article and taken the photographs! My work so far includes the following:

"Machete! Wargaming the Ten Years' War in Cuba 1868-1878." Wargames Illustrated, issue 372, October 2018.

"Cobrar Mambises! An engagement in the Ten Years' War in 19th century Cuba." Miniature Wargames, issue 431, March 2019.

"Anarchy in the U.K. The Siege of Sidney Street and similar events." Miniature Wargames, issue 444, April 2020.

"Puerto Principe. Building a Caribbean harbour and fort for Black Seas." Wargames Illustrated, issue 391, July 2020.

"Keep Taking the Tablets: Archaeology and Arms in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan." Forthcoming in Miniature Wargames issue number 449.

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