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The Siege of Sidney Street, Play Sheet

The Siege of Sidney Street Playsheet

Unit Designation and Movement                                                                                               
Class 1 Anarchists: move and fire, no deductions                       Move 12 inches            
Class2 Soldiers: move and fire, no deductions                             Move 12 inches       
(Soldiers are Marksmen for firing purposes. Four may be classed as Snipers)              
Class 3 Police/Detectives: move OR fire                                         Move 8 inches

Assumed to be what they represent, therefore only enter through doors etc.              
Within a building, moving from one floor to another takes one move

All units have a moral factor of 2, test morale each time a casualty is inflicted.                    
1 D6, score equal to or greater than morale factor after modifiers: 
In cover +1, retiring -1, Less than 50% original strength -1, Less than 25% original strength -2

Failing a test results in the unit receiving a marker:                                                                      
1 Marker: unit is suppressed, may not advance towards enemy, -1 shooting modifier      
2 Markers: unit attempts to retire and may fire ONLY when fired upon                                 
3 Markers: unit routs, move directly away from enemy if not possible surrender

Weapons as depicted on the figure                                                                                                
Class 1 and 2 may choose their target, Class 3 fire at nearest enemy.                                                                                                            
Roll 1 D6 to hit                                               4,5,6                                        5,6                   
Rifle, normal            effective range           0-8inches       long range   8-18 inches   
Rifle, marksman                                             0-12 inches                           12-18 inches 
Rifle, sniper                                                     0-18 inches                          18-24 inches 
Pistol                                                                 0-6 inches                              6-12 inches 
Petrol bomb                                                    0-4 inches                              n.a.                        
(If a petrol bomb is deployed figure pauses and takes fire, if hit the bomb explodes on the spot. The building is assumed to be on fire; smoke is deployed and added to for each following move. After four such moves the building has to be vacated.)

Firing Modifiers:                                                                                                                
Firing from hard cover              +1                                                                                      
Target in hard cover                   -1                                                                                      
Target obscured or in light cover    -1                                                                                              
Arc of fire is 90 degrees, ie 45 degrees either side of the firer’s centre

Victory Conditions                                                                                                                        
Anarchists survive and kill all of their opponents!                                                       
 Anarchists succeed in getting at least three figures off the table following the firefight. Anarchists survive for 12 moves or more.                                                                      
Authorities kill or capture all of the Anarchists.

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